Why router.asus.com refused to connect?

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router.asus.com refused to connect

Well, there is no doubt that behind the router.asus.com refused to connect. There are can several reasons behind this error.

So, here in the blog, we are going to share some of the instructions that would help the users to deal with the router.asus.com connection problem.

router.asus.com refused to connect

Steps to perform router.asus.com refused to connect

  1. The first and foremost job is to check whether you have launched a proper WAN  connection or not.
    Moreover, it is suggested that use a wired connection instead of the wireless connection.
  2. In the second step, ensure that the adapter is properly set to obtain the IP (internet protocol) automatically.
  3. After that, check your search engine or web browser did not set up for a proxy server. For this:
    a. Open Internet Explorer, go to the tool menu > Internet option.
    b. Click on the LAN setting option on the Connection Tab.
  4. To find the wireless discovery, the users are suggested to use the Device Discovery.
    Click on the Start button. Then, move to the all programs >> Asus utility >> Model name >> Device directory.
    Asus Device Discovery
  5. The last option is to restore the Asus router to its default settings, then try to open the router.asus.com setting page again.

To restore your router.asus.com, the users are provided with the reset button at the back side.

Note:- Once the Asus router is restored to the default setting, then the users are prompted to re-enter the information.

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