RT-AX89X ASUS router setup

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RT-AX89X wifi system

The Asus RT-AX89X is a dual-band Wi-Fi gaming router that contains dual 10G ports as well as 8 LAN ports. Additionally, this router supports Aimesh whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system. Additionally, the http //router.asus.com RT-AX89X router also contains many other advanced features that we are going to explain in the below section.

Advanced features of Asus RT-AX89X router

Advanced features of Asus RT-AX89X router

Some of the features are:-

Warp speed Wi-Fi :

The RT-AX89X router contains 8×8 dual-band Wi-Fi, which offers 1024-QAM that may result in a dramatically fast wireless connection. As compared to the 802.11ac 4×4 router, this router is 2.8x faster.

Ultra-fast wired speed :

This router carries two 10G ports and also one base T and SFP+ port. It states that both fiber and copper connections can easily be supported.

Ultra-fast wired speed

Extreme quad-core power :

The incredible performance of the Asus RT-AX98X router can be possible be with the extreme 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU.  It is more powerful than any other CPU.

The powerful whole mesh Wi-Fi system :

The  http //router.asus.com RT-AX89X smoothly delivers the Wi-Fi to every corner of your home. In most cases, it is observed that Wi-Fi coverage can be affected by many of the external and internal factors- such as construction furnishings, room layout, and many more. Therefore, the Asus includes the new innovative Aimesh feature in the Asus RT-AX89X router, only to resolve the problems.

RT-AX89X wifi system

This dual-band gaming router offers the lifetime free Air protection security powered by trend micro. Apart from this, it also serves the parental control feature and includes the option to block the particular sites as per your desire.

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