How to setup Lyra Trio?

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Asus Lyra Lan

Asus Lyra Trio can easily be set up either by using the Asus Lyra Trio manual or web-interface.

So, here are the following important steps to perform Asus Lyra Trio setup through a web interface in an easy way. They are:-

1. In the first step, take the Lyra node and plugged in. Wait until the LED light becomes stable and turns to white.

2. Make a wired connection using an Ethernet cable. Connect it to the LAN/WAN port of the Asus Lyra node to the available modem or any existing router.

Asus Lyra Lan

3. Now, time to attach the Lyra node to the PC/NB (with wired or wireless connection). After that, directly open an internet browser and start typing for quick Asus Lyra Trio setup.

4. Properly check the Asus privacy policy and start creating a new Lyra network.

creating a new Lyra network

5. After that, start creating an administrator login and strong password. Click on the Next option to proceed.

6. Choose the connection type as DHCP. Then, launch a Wi-Fi SSID and password.

After completing the above step, make sure the solid white light blink, which states that the Asus Lyra trio node is ready.

How to update the firmware on the Lyra system?

If one faces the issue regarding Lyra firmware update failure, then here are the important steps that help to update Lyra firmware.

  1. Open the Asus Lyra application on your device and click on the setting option.
  2. Click on the ‘Firmware Update‘ option to check for the latest Asus Lyra trio firmware available or not.
  3. If the new firmware is available, then the user needs to apply settings. Probably, it will take around 3-5 minutes to update Lyra firmware.
  4. At last, if all the Lyra nodes start showing “solid blue” light which represents the Lyra firmware update process is completed successfully.

In case, the user may face the Asus Lyra firmware update problem, then directly contact the support center.

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