How to Fix the Asus Router Login Issues?

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fix Asus router login issues

Are you trying to access the Asus router login page but getting not working error. Sometimes users might forget http // login credentials and can’t log in to the Asus router.

If you are getting all these errors, then here you will find the complete guide to fix the Asus router login issues.

Go along with these following steps to fix Asus router login issues

Important points to remember

  1. Assure that your computer device is properly connected to the Asus router.
  2. Always use the wired connection rather than wireless connection to access the http // login without any delay.
  3. Always go with an updated web browser to login Asus router.
fix Asus router login issues

Essential Troubleshooting steps to access login

  1. In some cases, the router web address is not working, then in this case, use the IP address of the Asus router.
    Note: The default IP address of the router is and
  2. Switch to another web browser to access the asus router login page.
  3. Further, power the On/Off button on the Asus router, unplug the router from the power outlet for a couple of minutes. Now, again plug it back and then try to access the router via web address
  4. Also, check all the cables are correctly connected, and there should be no damaged cable used.
  5. Asus router might not be working due to overheating. In this case, turn off the Asus router for about one hour and again connect it to your device.
  6. Update your wi-fi driver and the router’s firmware.
  7. Power cycle all the devices that are connected to the router’s network.
  8. If still, is not working, then reset the Asus router and again trying to access the Asus router login page.

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