How to change Asus Router wi-fi password?

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connect your Asus wireless router

Are you fail to remember your Asus router wi-fi password? Then, no need to worry about this. Here, we explain the complete guide on how to change the Asus router wi-fi password.

Proceeds with these mentioned steps to change password:

connect your Asus wireless router
  1. In the first step, connect your Asus wireless router by using the wired connection.
  2. For wired connection, use an Ethernet cable, then connect your device with the Asus router.
  3. Now, you have to log into the Asus Router.
  4. To login, open any internet browser and type the web address
  5. You can also use the IP address if the web address didn’t work.
  6. When you enter the web address, then tap the Enter button.
  7. Once you hit the Enter button, a login window will display on your device screen.
  8. Here, the login screen prompted you for the login credentials.
  9. Mention the router Username and Password.
  10. Tap the OK
  11. After login to the router, move to the Wireless setting and then the General Setting.
    asus router Wireless setting
  12. And scroll down to the Pre-shared key option.
  13. Enter the new wi-fi password in the Pre-shared key field.
  14. At last, save the changes by clicking the Apply button.


Thus you successfully change your Asus router’s wi-fi password and secured your router’s Network.

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