Asus GT-AC5300 Wi-Fi router

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Asus GT-AC5300 wi-fi router

Asus presents the latest GT-AC5300 wireless gaming router for gamers.  It is an outstanding router that offers Gigabit WiFi, 8 Gigabit ETH-ports, and comes with more advanced features. The user can play online games without lag. The setup of is quite easy. You can set up your GT-AC53000 router in a few minutes.

Features Of GT-AC5300 Gaming Wireless Router

Features of GT-AC5300 Gaming Router

Rule Network

It is an excellent feature of GT-AC5300 gaming router. By this Feature, you can control your important gaming stuff like traffic, lag, and device internet connection. The Gaming Center gives easy access to control any other feature.  Game radar map that shows where the high-speed servers are.

Front-line Network Protection

To protect your Wireless network, the GT-AC5300 comes with the Aiprotection Pro feature. It protects your wireless gaming network from outside attacks and perils, additionally blocks them before they can reach your wireless network or device.


Game Boost is the best feature of the GT-AC5300 gaming router. This feature mainly examines the network jam and provides the next level of acceleration for the best experience for the users. You can quickly activate by clicking on the Gaming Center dashboard.

 Private Network for Gamers

It comes with a new feature Gamers Private Network, which gives a private internet connection to the gamers, also a smooth wireless network or without any lag gaming.

Giving Wi-Fi Freedom

If your Wi-Fi speeds go slow down, then playing online games is not attractive. Its Rangeboost feature gives a high range of Wi-Fi network to your device. So while Playing Online games, you can get the fast speed of Wi-Fi coverage.

Login Your Asus GT-AC5300 Wi-Fi Router

Asus GT-AC5300 Wi-Fi Router GT-AC5300 wireless gaming router login is quite simple. To log in your gaming router, visit, and log in within 5-10 minutes. If you still fail, then follow these mentioned steps.

  • Attach your router with one end of Ethernet cable. Additionally, the Other end of the Ethernet cable should connect with your computer.
  • Also, connect the power cord to the electrical socket. Next, turn on both the router and the computer.
  • Open up your preferred web browser and type or in the location bar.
  • After this, it will prompt you for the login details.
  • Fill the admin in both the username and password section.
  • That’s it you are successfully logged in.

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